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It's time for you to start living a life of prosperity and purpose!!

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1:1 Personalized Coaching 

I guide you to identify where limited beliefs and stories are holding you back from living a life of passion and purpose. 

​By healing trauma and reprograming the subconscious mind you are able to get to the root cause of what is causing you to stay stuck in the same toxic patterns, relationships and making decisions from a place of learned behaviors as a child. 

​Working together for 12 weeks you will uncover your limited beliefs, heal trauma, shift your identity back to the I AM, take your power back and birth your purpose! 

 12 weeks together will be life changing and completely transform your life. 

1:1 Coaching 

Global Empowerment Coach + Speaker, Certified Trauma Coach, Spiritual Psychology Coach, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner & Author 

"I didn't even know what I needed until Nicolle showed me. My sugar addiction consumed me and I always had trouble shaking it. When Nicolle did the E4 trauma method with me EVERY SINGLE damn thing SHIFTED. I was shown the source of my habits and I saw why I was destroying myself subconsciously. She didn't have to go the extra mile and carve out time for me to help me one-on-one like she did. It spotlights many wonderful things about her character. I am now going on almost a month of no longer abusing sugar and taking care of myself more. It was really truly a blessing to have had her care about my struggle enough to work through it with me"
~Leslie- Artist  

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